These are videos to our songs. It is the moving images section!
The videos are divided into Live, Work in Progress, Television and Complete Videos.
We have got 4 videos to In Cod We Trust sofar, one of them live of 4 songs from the Cod album.
Video 2007

[ Bursting ]
live Shoreline Amphitheater

In Cod We Trust 2 0 0 6:

[the ghostigital podcast ]


[ Northern Lights ]
video by Alexander & Kristjan Zaklynsky

[ Aria ]
video by Ari Alexander


[ The Heart ]
The Heart live from Toledo 2006


[ BlackSand ]
Black Sand live from Snæfell 23. july 2006


[ Not Clean ]
video made by kiki ow april 2006

[ 4 songs live from In Cod We Trust ]
live video from NASA Reykjavík
December 2006


Good Evening ]
video shot on mobile phone March 2005 while we were still working on In Cod We Trust.

Videos from the first album below:

[Thirsty fly]
video Sept.


[Mess Up]
video May 2004

[Strangely Shaped]
RUV TV appearance
March 2005


video May 2004




video March 2004

This video is work in progress
videophotographed by einar örn



[Strangely Shaped]
by p.bishop
The first official video to Ghostigital album

Live in Concert October 2002

[Strangely Shaped] October 2002
[Mess UP ]October 2002 w/review


Draugalest in February 2004
[concert sequence]


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