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Aero - 2008

Aero was made by Ghostigital and Finnbogi Pétursson and Skúli Sverrisson, it was composed in November 2007 to March 2008. The idea was to make musical soundscape for Icelandair aeroplanes.

We are in a small loft in NY, crouched behind a seat in a jet looking over the ocean with the mountain in front of us spacing out and whistling to the birds chirping.
We are most certainly in an aeroplane and enjoying flying. We’re listening to Aero. The music we have done for aeroplanes as we do not find it boring flying.
We got Aero.

Aero was made for Icelandair aeroplanes. When you board you hear our music, when you land you hear the music. It gives yout the pleasure of relaxing and enjoying the momement.
I information is for the record and a small sound sample is on the Aero page.

This record releas date is November 2008.

01/ landscape
02/ boeing
03/ 30.000 feet
04/ final call
05/ transatlantic


To get Aero, go click this!




Sirkus Requiem- 2008

Sirkus Requiem was made by Ghostigital and Finnbogi Pétursson in January 2008.. It is a live recording from the Sirkus Bar in downtown Reykjavík.

We also done a two concert series in London called Sirkus Requiem at the Frieze Art Fair. There is more on that performance in this special.
This record release date is on October 2008 and it is a digital release only.

Digital: sirkus requiem

To get Sirkus Requiem, go click this!




Radium - 2007

Radium was made by Ghostigital and Finnbogi Pétursson in May 2007. It is a live recording from 2 concerts we done together.

More information is for the record and a small sound sample is on the Radium page.
This record release date is on November 20th 2007.

cd 1: Listasafn Íslands: Stereo
cd 2: Vatnsendi: Quadrophonic

The first CD is playable on normal stereo system wheras the dvd/dts is playable in the dvd system/homemovie system for the full effect.




In Cod We Trust - 2006

We completed our second album In Cod We Trust which is released on March 7th 2006.

We are joined on the record by a number of fantastic artists: KatieJane Garside, Mark E. Smith, Mugison, Steve Beresford, Dälek, Sensational and Ása Júníusdóttir.

Below are short sound clips of the songs on the album.

This is the player to use to listen to a preview to the album!

Not Clean
is featured in the player, we released it as a limited 7" vinyl.

The record in our words

01/ good morning
02/ not clean
03/ northern lights
04/ totally confused
05/ the heart
06/ green lounge
07/ crackers
08/ black sand
09/ strange as it might seem
10/ dream of sleep
11/ sense of reason

Crackers by Plúseinn


In Cod We Trust

some reviews online:

SF Weekly


Review of Crackers in Pitchfork

the first album - 2003

The First Album Samples:

The player has 40 second snippets of the songs of the first album released in 2003, just to give an idea of the soundscape we are working in and with.
The album itself is over 50 minutes long and runs in one sequence as opposed to track one to 13.

01/ suicide
02/ strangely shaped
03/ mess up
04/ calmwater
05/ bank
06/ cough of love
07/ thirsty fly
08/ drunk piano
09/ jejeje
10/ boink
11/ dirty fly
12/ monday
13/ losing it


remixes - 2003 -

Remixes of songs from the first album. These mixes are done by various artists.

01/ strangely shaped = NLO
02/ mess up = NLO
03/ boink = NLO
04/ bank = NLO
05/ Moneymaster = gusgus

06/ calm water 35 = Exos
07/ losing it on the dancefloor = eob/bibbi
08/ yehyehyeh = eob/bibbi
09/ bankteller = eob/bibbi
10/ drunk piano = eob/bibbi
11/ boink = eob/bibbi
12/ thirsty fly = eob/bibbi
13/ strangely shaped = curver
14/ calm water 35 = curver
15/ strangely shaped v2.0 NLO

theatre - 2004

Draugalestin Theatre Music
this is part of the music we have done for the Icelandic play Draugalestin, premiered in Reykjavik in February 2004.
We have done over 70 minutes of music of which we shall be putting out here, and there. The first bit available is the SitHere song:

01/ SitHere



live 2003 -

Ghostigital live
live recordings from minidisc straight from our mixer. live set has evolved since we started playing live. succeeded in making the live performance a unique experience in our humble opinion.

Monday @ spitz, London 3.june 2003
MessUp @ Reykjavik Art Museum 13. june 2003
bank @ Gaukur á Stöng, Reykjavík 30. august 2003
Bank @ Tate Gallery, London 21. november 2003
Cough Of Love @ Kapital, Reykjavik 5. december 2003
#31spool @ Klink and Bank, Reykjavík 01. january 2005


concert diary 2003-

This is the Concert Diary document which lists all our concerts, and has both pictures and sound documentation of these concerts. Not all of them, but some.




why sleep? circular strangely shaped.