- In Cod We Text -
E: The morning by the sea, with the glacier in the distance. And something goes wrong.
C: Ghostigital's modern production homage to "River Deep / Mountain High". Two men meeting/greeting/talking to each other early in the morning on the beach. One has woken up early and is starting his day, while the other has been partying all night and is on his way home. Both of them happy as clams.
E: How the politics of religion and the religion get confused, thus leaving us with totally incapable politicians not worth a thing.
C: Freemasons, Cod Wars, Religion, Politics, all carefully observed by Einar Örn disguised as a cod on the table at one of their secret meetings. Something is going down in the world and it's not clean. A dancefloor hit in Iceland!
E: How we love the northern lights, how they illuminate our life. And the frost is excellent. The northern lights crackle on still winter nights!
C: The crackle of the northern lights in Einar's head? Party anthem of the north.
E: We need to get on, we need to be.
C: "A to B to C to D to A - it's a square, don't you get it?" My friend got a lift from Einar once and he spent 20 minutes explaining the whole walking-in-a-square thing to him and wouldn't let him out of the car until he got it. I luckily drive my own car.
" If the egg is square inside the thought is clear" - Icelandic proverb
E: Look for the heart and it gets gory on the way.
C: Einar told me it was about when he "saw the light", as he calls it, and the lyrics were really important to him. I guess it's about the miracle of life and how to live it with the heart in the right place. The Icelandic vocal part in this song is recorded at a very, very loud concert we did in in Reykjavík. It was measured at being continuous 124dB, an ear-deafening level. Those few lines are my all-time favourite vocal performance from Einar, its spontaneous power really impressed me. The seagull sounds in the background are actually Einar's sampling of his own voice.
E: Time to reflect and have a pew.
C: Just another night at The Green Lounge, a David Lynchian jazz club whose houseband, The Green Lounge Lizards, is lead by Steve Beresford and fronted by the femme fatale diva Asgerdur Juniusdottir. As we follow Einar in things get slowly more psychedelic, increasingly moving from reality to another dimension.
E: The lack of understanding words, and what they mean.
C: The most visual track for me, the best cinemagraphic piece of the album. It has the nervousing stress of a supermarket and Einar's brilliance of turning such a totally mundane thing as grocery shopping into some kind of a state of terror is unmatched by this track. I wouldn't want to go Christmas shopping with this guy. Features Katie Jane's brilliant performance as the girl on the till. Her input on the album was crucial for me. We recorded the vocals in her living room for an hour and then went out for a very good pasta. She's a genius.
E: How deep can you stare into the soul.
C: The boys in Dälek came to play in Iceland when we were finishing the album. We really clicked together and they are our favourite boys, kindred spirits. After their tour Will recorded his vocals in New York and sent us them as MP3s. Check out DJ Magic's awesome double scratch solo (the first double scratch solo I've ever heard). My homage to Straight Outta Compton.
E: …and it gets stranger all the time.
C: The first song we wrote for this album. A Certain Ratio-inspired gem from Ghostigital's short-lived abstract-funk era. I think Einar's lyrics have something to do with our current prime minister, like "Not Clean" does, in a way.
E: No time to sleep, time for action.
C: The united anthem for insomniacs. Dreaming of being able to sleep. Another DJ Magic masterpiece.

E: Paranoid illusions of the best kind. What do the witnesses want? In the bathtub.
C: The grand finale. Makes a pair with the grand opening ("Good Morning"). Einar recorded the vocals on dictaphone in his kitchen when his boys were out at school. Ghostigital's attempt to start a futuristic techno opera wave in Reykjavik. The track has been played a couple of times in clubs, but I haven't heard of any TechnOpera bands being formed yet, not even one shitty OperaHouse band.


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