thundering ghoststory of ghostigital

einar örn: strangely shaped

ghostly tale of strange shapes infiltrating life and the rest of your life. One could say a scary story not to be copied or remembered or experienced.
einar örn : mess up
the catalyst of life, the emotion which truly messes me up so that I am all shook up. the modern day love song in all its simplicity.
einar örn: calm water
being in reykjavik provides the perfect setting for the best of refreshing walks. the danger of the inner cities culminate in the wandering rabbit, the ex pet, let loose by the former owner creating the foreign atmosphere.

einar örn: bankbank
where is my money is shouted more frequently everywhere. the situation though worsens when the envelope is lost and the shoes. one cannot search barefoot for long. is all lost.
einar örn: cough of love
if love makes you sick, you cough. such a sickness should be avoided like any other cold. lovesick is no state to be in and especially with that cough, one would think it is contagious.
swallowing love.
einar örn: thirsty fly
the least known thirsty barfly singalong chant. very ancient and shows examples of primitive melody composition.
einar örn: bump
the shock of being accidentally hurt, the shock of pain sends conflicting behaviour patterns through the pain. the morphing into the bump from the crash is scary.
einar örn: drunk piano

you are what you eat, you are what you hear, you are what you play. the instruments revenge on the humans. tamtilitamtiltamtamtam is hummed.
einar örn: jejeje
the second most common chorus after lalalala. a typical pop tune with a comprehensible chorus, so joyful it never becomes painful.
einar örn:boink
the invasion of the boink which in good weather is good companion. you realize aswell that loving bad weather is not a handicap. nor the uselesseness of boink
einar örn: monday
the monday in me is a moanday. and it sounds mad. especially on a rainy afternoon. the primary motive for ghostigital.this record had to be documented and made.
einar örn: loosing it.


the voices are no longer in my head but behind my head and feel fine. now.
the voices nah...nah...

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