A self confessed silencer, famous for non comprehension of the spoken word. Usually left behind in conversation due to lack of hearing.

Time for einar örn to take the centre stage with a quiet thump and tell stories, stories not told before. Stories of bad weather, rabbits roaming, lost money, no shoes and sleepless days. Still needing the empty envelope.

Just left of centre stage is Curver prompting the correct sounds to hit the air and put a lid on the rambling ranter.

They have hit calm waters and will play together songs which have entertained and sustained them through dark blackout winter - last winter - and into the pale summer night - last summer - into today - now -!

It is called Ghostigital

the plane
first ghostigital record
USA cover

GHOSTIGITAL is the musical work of Einar Örn & Curver. It has been released in the CompactDisc format and can be bought as such.

This site is dedicated to this work. The site is maintained by them, or us! And today we call us Ghostigital.

And now we have set the records straight!

Our latest work is called In Cod We Trust


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