“I heard Ghostigital's latest album this morning. I listened to it while reading a newspaper. It was entirely appropriate, because this time they play ambient music.

It is excellent.

When I heard Ghostigital first I thought they were cannibals in a tuxedo.

On the present album they show a different face. Now they are humble philosophers travelling first class on a supersonic jet, meditating away.

Decent ambient music is not easy to create. Usually one just hears a simple phrase being repeated again and again ad nauseam, with futile attempts to hide the monotony.

The trip Ghostigital takes you on is far more interesting. Granted, not much happens in the music (at least not in the classical sense), the tonal material doesn't really DEVELOP.  Instead, the music paints a kind of a 3D sculpture, and its constant movement makes it come alive. The perspective is always changing and what does repeat itself  makes a delightful hearing because the phrases and motives are so enchanting.

The next time I take a really long bath with candles and incense, preferably in a large bathtub, I will have Ghostigital soap my back!”

Jonas Sen

We are in a small loft in NY, crouched behind a seat in a jet looking over the ocean with the mountain in front of us spacing out and whistling to the birds chirping.

We are most certainly in an aeroplane and enjoying flying. We’re listening to Aero. The music we have done for aeroplanes as we do not find it boring flying.
We got Aero.
Aero was made for Icelandair aeroplanes. When you board you hear our music, when you land you hear the music. It gives yout the pleasure of relaxing and enjoying the momement.

This record is out NOW on

small sample of the music but intended as the patient waiting music while on the telephone.