radium i & ii


Two of the most progressive names in the ever growing sound/art and electronic music scene in Iceland joined hands for the first time at The Reykjavik Arts Festival in 2007.  The group Ghostigital (Einar Orn Benediktsson and Curver Thoroddsen) and artist Finnbogi Pétursson created the concert and radio sound-artwork RADIUM.

Radium varies with its place of performance and its surroundings and the audience can only enjoy the concert with the aid of a radio, be it in the car or headphones.

Microphones were placed at stategic points in the space as well as a variety of implements to create sound and the mix broadcast live through RUV Rás 1 (The Icelandic State Radio) on Rondo FM87,7 during The Art Festival.

At the opening of the Art Festival at the Iclandic Museum of Art one thousand small radios and headphones were distributed to the guests present so they would be free to walk around the museum and experience the music at the same time.

RADIUM was performed and broadcast on the 10th and the 15th of May 2007.  The first broadcast in quatrophony, i.e. similtaniously on four channels, by an Icelandic radio-station.

This release is the result of these two performances, in Stereo and DTS Quadrophonic.

RADIUM can be obtained through smekkleysa.net

Here is a sample called HitSingle

ghostigital & finnbogi pétursson

"Coming out of tiny radios, distributed to the audience at the Art Museum last summer, it proved curious and beautiful to hear Ghostigital's and Finnbogi's great river RADIUM. But the river flowed by, never to be heard again. You don't step into the same river twice, as they say.

But the other day, in the Bad Taste Shop, I saw that RADIUM had been published in two different technical forms: a stereo CD and a quadraphonic DVD.  Even as a partner in the publishing-firm I had not the faintest idea that this was in the pipelines. But it made me happy because now the great river can be heard again. And with these chaps, it's the same old story: it´s different each time."
Bragi Ólafsson